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play basic-ass rock-type music with easy lyrics and non-confusing parts.

In late summer of 2006 the earth split open and gave rise to the first of three known fake volcano albums: 'Everyone's Professional' scorching listeners with a sound like seaglass and sandpaper, and a toothed-edge like that of the blade that guy used to cut off his arm when he was pinned to that rock. What's next? Stay tuned.

In an age of such unrelenting seriousness, Kayne West is a novelty, the Loggins and Messina for an en-cheapend digital age. And they write songs about it. From lovely baristas to the late nights at clubs, Kayne West is of this fleeting moment and will be leaving soon. Will you be going with them?

At the time of this writing, the author was not steeped in the reasoning of this endeavour. It's Daryl Waits orchestrating amazing and urgent music that becomes more relevent each day. You're totally missing out if you haven't heard this yet. I'm just trying to help.

This band has(d) so much potential, preform(d) at respectable venues, received good reviews from critics (damn critics). They recorded 3 albums, the third setting the high bar for paradecean audio fidelty, (it did cost $$$), but damn it was bucks well spent. I don't think they'd argue with that. What's it going to take to get them back?

artist, chef, restauranteur.

-a riddle wrapped in a hoodie, goggled and headphoned, anti-social, computer-hater, hypocrite, relentless and futile in equal measure. He weaves sparse and poorly sourced electronic tapestries, threadbare and moth ridden, soundtracks for slow insects.

...is you and me. Conciousness of one expands through many minds. Deeply jangled sounds of a lost shipping fleet, blown adrift and crashing against jagged shores. And with each wreckage there is the quite after-time in which these echos are heard.

It was the time of times, it was the grime of times. I think it was 2004. We packed up the Mazda and hit the road, never looked back.

Moron Parade was a band that did everything that a band shouldn't do. They gave themselves a name that was hard to take seriously. They wrote too many songs, they recorded too many albums. It goes on and on. They did alot of everything and made it hard for people to keep up. The require alot of patience, and it's well worth it.

musician, public broadcasting affiliate, prveyour of fine caffeines.

artist, musician, mostly drums these days.